The Tower of Babel in reverse.

This comment caught my attention as we have recently been discussing the effects on the Tower of Babel and I thought what a clever analogy of Information Communication Technologies this is. Not so long ago a mouse was a small fury animal that squeaked and no-one wanted them in their home and the desktop was the top of the desk. I’m sure their sure many more that could be compared. So much has changed with the ’21st Century language”.

I have been reading an article by Chris Dede (2009) a Harvard Graduate who has collated many different frameworks and ideas about 21st Century Learning and he uses the phrase about the Tower of Babel to describe the confusion that is perceived when incorporating a new technology language into the existing language where words that have a familiar meaning such as mouse suddenly have new meanings which people then need to be able to learn in order to communicate effectively.

I can see where some of our course material fits within these frameworks but will spend more time reading and linking to literature.  Chris also provides many new references that we can use directly when considering how to integrate ICT into the classrooms.

Thought I would also share with you the ICT capabilities page from the Australian Curriculum since this has been the basis for so much of the course discussion.

One thought on “The Tower of Babel in reverse.

  1. Yes. I think that happens generationally anyway, just more pronounced in some than others. I think it’s impressive that my Grandparent’s generation has people that you and I know, who remember going from a ‘horse and buggy’ to now, those same people, sitting down to edit photos on photo-editing software…
    pretty impressive and just shows the capacity for the human race to adapt to change…

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