Learning through connecting

This is the title of Kate’s blog and in this weeks post Kate talks about a program http://www.interactivelearningdiary.co.uk/ that provides Early Years Educators with an easier way of documenting student’s learning. I like the fact that this program potentially reduces the amount of resources digital or otherwise that Educators are required to keep with them or close by in order to document learning and provided evidence of learning that occurs on a daily basis. Kate concludes with the comment that it is only available in the UK.

At work we have been using a product called momentumeylf  and if you go to their website their is a short introductory video. http://www.momentumeylf.com.au/ at the start some staff were reluctant to engage with the new software and the overall program documentation is different to our paper copies but we have gradually focused more and more on the program and as with anything else the staff are feeling more and more comfortable with it each time they use it. I am not sure if they have developed any ipad apps yet but I know they have lots of new ideas in the pipeline for supporting Early Years. Thanks for the link Kate.



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