What is an ICT rich lesson?

I have been pondering this question over and over as I completed my first week of prac with varying degrees of success due to technology or the lack of it on some days with internet failure.

In pre-primary it is a little more challenging to integrate the technology for the students to use due in part to their ages and the lack of reading ability. I did try one experience in class with one student which was not a great success. I thought that since the students were creating all sorts of beautiful items for Mothers Day gifts it might be nice to use the photos the families had provided and create a short DVD using Animoto. The plan was to do this with the students one on one during their free choice play time.

Good idea x 25 students who need lots of help to learn the scanning process then help loading the photos and it is not such a great idea. I did work through the process with one student who was very quick to learn the upload process and confident to try whatever was asked of him. He is very technology savvy as he has daily access to an iPad at home and his Parents believe in letting him learn to use the technology for his benefit. Result not such a good idea, I calculated that even if every child was as quick to learn as the first then I would need around 15-20 hours to complete this task.

On a far more encouraging note the students have really engaged with the digital microscopes from early last week. These have been connected each morning to the Laptops and during free play time the students access these and investigate the different leaves, flower petals or whatever else they choose. Some of the comments as the students have been looking at the flower petals and leaves have demonstrated their ability to really appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

” Look over here at this green bit it so beautiful, its really, really beautiful”!

I visited Michelle’s post this morning to see what was on her mind about ICT rich lessons and was reminded of the need to plan the lesson and then add the technology and not vice versa otherwise this leads to the tail wagging the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail as described in David Jones photo (2013). (This photo is taken in a mirror so the dog appears backwards).

So I do not think I have mastered the ICT rich lesson just yet. I am creating lessons with ICT content but I wonder at which point the lesson becomes rich in ICT? Is it when there is one, two or three items of ICT being used in that one lesson or is it when the overall day is saturated with ICT? A good question to pose to the class forum.



2 thoughts on “What is an ICT rich lesson?

  1. Fawn, like I mentioned on the forum, “rich” may not be the best question to ask.

    Your story about the digital microscopes captures some of what I’d be looking for. ICTs helping students see/engage/feel/learn something they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

    But I wonder whether a really “rich” lesson might combine this technology with some other technologies and also some good pedagogy to achieve something even better.

    A quick example. What if the students took digital photos of the really beautiful sights they saw through the digital microscope. Those photos could be blogged, shared to a group photo gallery or some other places and then used for additional activities.

    e.g. have the students record some audio to be placed onto a VoiceThread that has their picture. The audio could be them explaining how they got the image, what it’s of and why they think it’s beautiful.

    Similarly, with your photo idea. Perhaps building the skills of the students. e.g. use the “expert” child to start supervising the scanning. Help him develop helpers, leading to the students all being able to do it by the end.

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