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Last week we were required to research two topics of interest as part of our learning path. I have chosen to research Interactive Whiteboards (commonly known as IWB) and the Integration of Information Communication Technologies (ICT’s) into Early Childhood.

Todays post will feature the Interactive Whiteboard- the pros and cons and anything else that I find that might be useful. I have already looked at a number of blogs with resources so I thought it might be time to start writing so I have a clear path of my learning journey.

My credit for my very first lesson using the IWB goes to my wonderful mentor at the school where I am completing my prac. My mentor, we will call her Gloria, was very patient at explaining the various features of the IWB to me. Gloria obviously did a very good job as I completed the first task I was set with no dramas at all.

Onto the research.

I visited Kylies blog and found a very interesting article called

“Guidelines for effective school/classroom use of Interactive Whiteboards by Diana Bannister (2010) from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. This article talks about Tools, Techniques and Applications.

I love that this article considers some of the research from Europe about the use of IWB in the classroom. Judge (2010) as cited in this article sees IWB’s as classroom devices that have a positive influence on teachers professional practice, and Beuchamp and Parkinson (2005) acknowledge that the software that comes with the IWB often poses a challenge as well as an opportunity for teachers and students.

New Software I think is a bit like a new pair of shoes. after you have walked with them a while they are not difficult at all to manage and they become part of you daily wardrobe.

Higgins et al (2007) concludes:

“Good teaching remains good teaching with or without the technology; the technology might enhance the pedagogy only If the teachers and pupils engaged with it and understand its potential in such a way that the technology is not seen as an end in itself as another pedagogical means to achieve teaching and learning goals.” Read more from this article here.

Tash Brown also looked at Interactive whiteboards and provided a list of 65 resources for use with the IWB.

Tash also directed me to this link to Kerpoof which is an exciting site for creating all sorts of interesting things using the IWB. This will be very handy for the invitations we will be making at school next week for a class celebration.

Mitch also looked at the pros and cons of using IWB in the classrooms. Some of his comments were:


IWB’s are easy to use even for beginners. They have the potential to rapidly demonstrate the use of different modes of delivery. ICTs from many different sources can be integrated into one lesson. The IWB could include a you tube video, some data input from another website, the opportunity to input students own data, and the use of a music site all within one easy lesson.


The cost of a Smart board or IWB is exceptionally more than a traditional non digital whiteboard. There is the potential for damage to the surface which would be expensive to repair and the IWB would be unuseable during that time. The secure attachment of the board to the wall in a place suitable for the Teacher may mean it is too high for the effective use by very young students.

More resources:

Hands on websites kids love

Nathan’s blog about IWB’s and many more resources.

To finish off today I have visited Emma’s site which always provides a clear and concise summary of any topic we are looking at.

There are so many more resources out there so I will just keep looking. I think to summarise today I will say that the IWB has huge potential as a learning and teaching tool. The lesson plan plus the IWB has the potential to  bring the lesson alive.



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