To see or not to see with a digital microscope

Today on my second day of prac I introduced the class to some digital microscopes. I tested one out at home last night so I knew what to expect in the class and then installed it at school on the teachers laptop and linked to the IWB. The name of the digital magnifying glass is a TTS children’s digital microscope  and can be used as any other magnifying glass except this one looks like and egg with a camera button on the top, and it also lets you take photos and study them.

The product description says

“The digital Microscope is a battery free device to use with a computer with a USB port. It magnifies the specimen up to 35x on a 14″ monitor. Snapshots can be taken by simply pressing the shutter button on the product. video recording is also available”.

Amazing- the students looked at the leaves from the plants we were discussing and the language was amazing as was the sight of the clear veins running up the middle of these leaves.

God’s creation really does declare his handiwork.

The croton leaf we were looking at was red. The colour we could see with the microscope was a beautiful sparkling blue. I asked the children what they thought the sparkling blue bit might be.

One child, we will call him William, put up his hand and said

“it looks like water when your standing high up and you look at the sparkling water”. 

He could well be correct, I am going to try and find out in time for the lesson tomorrow.

I also visited Rebecca’s blog and found this amazing link to a blog by a Mother who is home schooling her children in Africa. WOW. What a great read.

The great finds just keep happening tonight. While I was looking for the name of the magnifying glass described above I found this link for Early Years Technology. This is one of my ideals so this will become a favourite site. I know it is pounds when it comes to the price but once you know what you are looking for you can always search Australian suppliers to see if it can be purchased in Australia, and if it cant it will only take few days and it will be here such is the global technology we are surrounded by.